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Back Matter Copy

Two of the biggest factors that make a potential reader decide your book is for them is a) the cover, because humans can't help but be judgmental, and b) the book description. Your blurb should spark intrigue, set your book's tone, and contain key story elements that tells the reader just enough to add it to their TBR pile.


 Writing: $120༺

༺ Editing/Rewriting: $75༺ 

*Must be able to provide a synopsis*

Social Media Ad Copy

It shouldn't come as a surprise that social media ads (even Facebook!) do work, But the key lies in how you present your book and target your audience. With the ability to set your own budget, social media advertising is a cost-effective way to get your book in front of potential buyers. All you need is scroll-stopping content to get started.

༺ Strategy & Writing of 3 Ads: $150༺

*No graphic requests.* 

Author Bio

A fun, interesting, and quality-written author bio goes a long way in making a name for yourself and your brand (because yes, authors, too, are a brand). Once you've got a great author bio in your back pocket, it can be endlessly recycled, used not only for your inside cover but for your website, press releases, and other publicity.

 Writing: $90༺

༺ Editing/Rewriting: $65༺ 

*Rate is for standard bio length and may vary*

Book Synopsis Edit

A book synopsis is a concise summary of your book that showcases its unique selling points and can make or break your chance of getting published. A well-structured, polished synopsis is crucial for grabbing the attention of literary agents, publishers, and potential readers.

*Editing only*

*Rates vary depending on synopsis length*

Amazon Listing Page

If done right, this is where the magic happens. There's an art and technique to creating an effective Amazon listing page that converts potential readers, and it goes beyond just pasting your book blurb. Your Amazon listing page could be the difference between a book sale and a page bounce. 


༺ Genre Research, Strategy & Writing: $145༺

*No A+ content (graphic) requests.* 

Author Website Copy

An author website serves as a centralized hub for your publications, blogs, products, and services, if any. It's not just a reflection of your brand and genre, but also a doorway for readers to easily subscribe to your newsletter—the ultimate connection to stay in touch with your betas, street team, and fans!

*Rates vary depending on web copy/pages*


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