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Travel to Ireland, Scotland and beyond in this enchanting series steeped in witchy magic, history, and folklore.

When a teenager learns she has innate magical gifts, she journeys to Ireland in search of answers and finds herself as the bridge to a realm of spirits, witches, faeries—and a dark prophecy.

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WELCOME! I’m K.T. Anglehart, author of the teen urban fantasy novel The Wise One—book I of The Scottish Scrolls.


The Wise One is a witchy book for the young and young at heart, forged by themes of nature, power, and spiritual journeys. Expect to find faeries, friendship, and faith where one often fails to look. Imagine mystic lakes, magical realms, and harvest moons.


If you can already feel yourself lighting up with excitement, then this book was written for you.

The Wise One
Book 1 of The Scottish Scrolls 

Mckenna’s never thought much of her nightmares, but on her seventeenth birthday, a vivid dream of burning at the stake awakens her dormant abilities, thrusting her into a world where faeries are real, spirits hold a grudge, and a High Priestess obsessed with a 16th-century prophecy is tracking her every move.

Now, her overprotective dads, Seán and Andre, are forced to tell her the truth—they know who her birth mother is, and her life is not the surrogate story she’s ​always ​been told. Abigail, Mckenna’s mom, is some sort of mystic, and Mckenna a Wise One.

Whatever the hell that means.

With the help of a persistent little wren and the company of a newfound friend, Mckenna journeys to Ireland in search of her mother and real answers. Along the way, she learns to harness her innate magic and trust her intuition, as best she can anyway—Cillian, a kind and passionate delegate ​who crosses her path, is proving much harder to read.

Only her mother could truly help her halt her ill fate and prepare her for what’s to come…before she gives in to the darkness she knows is buried deep within. 

Scroll down for book II, The Twin Flame!

The Wise One
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About the Author

Katrina Tortorici Anglehart is an award-winning author from Montreal, with a multilingual prowess in English, French, Italian, and “Spanglish”. A dedicated academic, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, a graduate certificate in Scriptwriting, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Inspired by the wizarding world, the land of Narnia, and parallel planes, she penned The Wise One, inviting readers to connect with nature and its ever-present magic. Her exploration of the landscapes and folklore of Ireland and Scotland greatly influenced her debut YA urban fantasy, marking the inception of The Scottish Scrolls series.

K.T. Anglehart is a passionate advocate for bunnies, thanks to her late Netherland Dwarf, Magic—the inspiration behind her imprint, The Magic Dwarf Press. When she’s not writing or diving into magical reads, she revels in hiking, antiquing, and Netflix binges alongside her high school-sweetheart-turned-husband, Andy. They currently live in Toronto with their three pets: Nessie, a mysterious rescue dog from Puerto Rico, and their whimsical bunnies, Onyx and Stirling.

About Author
Twin Flame
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The Scottish Scrolls Book II


Available in ebook, paperback, & hardback!



"The Wise One is a heartwarming coming-of-age story with characters that resonate, rich European folklore, and enchanting details that tickle the senses long after the last page is read . . . as slowly as possible because you never want this hauntingly beautiful story to end. I await the sequel with bated breath."

— V. G. Anderson, author of The Light in the Sound

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