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Solstice Shifts: Embracing Reflections and New Beginnings

Dec 20, 2023 Newsletter 🔮

As I pondered this Winter Solstice newsletter today, my usual spiel about the astronomical event's history, Stonehenge, the light's return, and Newgrange—oh, the tales I could tell from The Wise One and The Twin Flame—crossed my mind. But then, a thought struck me.

If people were curious enough about the Winter Solstice, Google's a click away.

So, instead of diving into the Neolithic mysteries (as tempting as it is to unravel divine alignments), I figured, let's drop some wisdom bombs for those eager to kick off a brand-new chapter. 

Because, let's face it, this time of year undeniably holds its own enchantment. ✨

We're past the gloomiest stretch, and boy, have I been playing thought police. Weird, right? Thanks to some cognitive behavioural therapy, I've been mindful. I’ve noticed my thoughts and emotions not so much getting dark and moody, like they once did, but more contemplative. My brain's been serving up a cocktail of memories—nostalgic flashbacks...childhood memories...snippets of odd days and good days...the faces of loved ones who've passed.

Sounds melancholic, but trust me, there's a side dish of gratitude too. Not the "forced gratitude" regimen the manifestation gurus preach—that's never worked for me. I genuinely felt it in this thought whirlpool. Because for once, I didn't shun the looking-deep-within exercises. I let my thoughts ebb and flow, like a tide.

This quiet reflection has set the stage for what's to come. The brighter months.

I used to prepare for this by making some kind of bold personal statement, telling myself things would be better and different.

But this time, I’m already happy, already thrilled, and deeply excited. Instead of my usual "I will make things better" mantra, I'm already there. There's no "I will", there's just "I am." 

I've brainstormed endlessly: how to be more me on socials, how to sling my messages to my readers, how to win over that world-changing younger crowd.

This time of year feels like shedding skin, unveiling the true me, and cranking up the volume on my voice. And so that's the vibe I'm vibing.

And you? If these past months have been a rollercoaster of old wounds, bittersweet memories, and those brain tangents that send you spinning, then guess what? You're primed to move forward with clarity. To think "I am." To step into that spotlight and shine like the star you are.

Here's to winter warmth, brilliant beginnings, and all the brightness ahead!


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